Thursday, February 15, 2007

Google notebbok a great productivity tool

Okay I am the first to admit this is probably very old news to most of you but I am hooked on Google notebook. As I am preparing for CUE I started to really put this tool to the test. If you have never used this handy little tool you need to check it out.

It is a fantastic intuitive application that has made my WEB 2.0 journey a lot easier. It sits quietly in my tool bar as I read the blogs from my aggregator, But then when I read something I think is a powerful concept or an important quote it jumps to life. I highlight the selection click add to notebook and there it is complete with references and always available on my Google homepage!

For a student doing research or anyone doing research or preparing a presentation it is an incredible way to keep all that great stuff together in a simple and concise way. There have been numerous posts about teaching students to deal with the large quantities of material available and this is one tool to make that job easier. Yes, you still have to be selective and you may still need to delete something when you gather too much but at least for me, it is simpler than a clip blog or and it lets me take snippets but keeps the link to whole!

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Patrick Higgins said...


I am running a workshop called "The Power of Google" for my staff in the coming weeks and this post will be featured in my opening section on what people around the country are doing with Google Notebook.

There are so many tools out there to help us handle Web 2.0, but this one really fits a niche community; I am currently researching several project for several different grade levels, and Google Notebooks lets me manage all of them simultaneously.

The Assistant Principal in the middle school at my district just started blogging, and I think you might appreciate his musings. Here is his URL: