Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things worth another look

Things I have read or come across recently which I do not want to loose track of and which are worth another look.

From Digital Voice Awards- an application I had not hear of called MonkeyJam
And the award winning projects

Google Docs Blog Educational Spreadsheets gadgets- word search, flash cards and Word Study

Soon to be released DVD of Presentation Zen - Promising for Fall in-services

Just came across Jalbum another online photo album ( found on Susan Seedro's blog)

And finally 4 blog posts

2 from Scot Mcleod
Top 10 TED talks for educators and top 10 podcasts- So who needs summer books for Professional development ...okay, ok I read to but now I have some listening for those drives ...

An interesting discussion ( so read the comments too) on Jeffs blog about a third grade project, Presentation Zen, and whats behind tech integration

And finally Susan's post that is a transparent discussion of a transformation from static teacher blog pages to a more personalied and interactive presence on the Web.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pondering the Implications of Presentation Zen in Our School

A four day weekend at this point in the school year has become a real chance to gain some rest and perspective, If you have been here before you can see I even had time to change up the site a little. By the way the picture above is from the California Poppy fields in Antelope Valley.

I have finally gotten around to reading Presentation Zen and I am sorry I had not gotten here sooner! It is not just a good book with good ideas, at least for me, it is life changing. I got about half way through the book before I decided to go back and read it again so I could take notes.

Two things that the book has me pondering right now....

A whole new approach to parent meetings- especially budget meetings. What if instead of graphs and figures I used pictures. Pictures that will create an emotional connection for the parents. So while I am talking about needing funds for the arts, or clubs or???? I play a group of pictures showing their students engaged in these activities. Why didn't I think of that! The boring facts and figures can go in a handout for the end of the meeting!

The other thing is a very different question about creativity and process. In the book he talks about stepping away from the computer and sending time planning in an analog fashion. That I know works for me. Even though I feel guilty about it there are times when a notebook and a pen really works for me. The question all of this raised for me has to do with our students. We are going 1;1 next year in grades 6, 7, and 8. Do these students have the same needs to help them be creative? If so how do we build that in? I know in some 1:1 classrooms , especially those with tablets, you see no paper. What about for students using netbooks, what do they need. A yellow pad and portfolio, a portable at their space white board....

What do you think?