Thursday, January 25, 2007

Need your help to work smarter not harder

Leading others into WEB 2.0 always is an interesting journey and at least in my case I feel like I am only one page ahead of those who are looking to me for direction.
The staff has dabbled with Bloglines but are somewhat overwhelmed by searching for and adding feeds which leads to my question.

I work in a K-8 school and I would like to be able to point the teachers to some teachers blogs that mirror their grade levels. I have plenty for 6-8 but need some recommendations for teacher blogs for 3-5 and Pre-K to 2. Any ideas?
Maybe someone has their own blogroll sorted by grade levels?

Everybody will learn to search and add blogs but in the beginning sorting through lists like those at Support Blogging can be a daunting task.


John Pederson said...

I like Jay Monson's blog as an example of what is possible at the 5th grade level.

zoe said...

I find this is a great blog for all kinds of resources and he has some stuff broken into grade bands

Clay Burell said...

I'm linking your blog in my "connected classrooms" blogroll on my blog ( )

I'm guiding a cadre of k-12 teachers at my school in Korea toward 2.0 teaching and learning. Contact me and I'll hook you up with a grade 2 teacher who took the blogging plunge with his second graders last week.


Barbara said...

Thank you all for pointing me toward these resources. It is moments like this too which give the teachers courage to go forward...letting them know there are people out there who will help them make connections.I will look at all of the links you suggested and I will share about this with the staff.
Clay thank you also for the link and I will be in touch!

nbosch said...

My students grades 4-6 have been blogging for a couple of months, I think they are doing a great job. Let me know if you need any info about our classroom site.

I've started my own blog and have written an entry about our introduction to blogworld. You can see that at

Mark Ahlness said...

I have a very active group of blogging third graders from Seattle, Washington:

They love getting comments and are generally pretty good about following up...

Good luck to you! - Mark

Anonymous said...

My class for this school year are New entrant - Year 2 (New Zealand). My kids will be all new to blogging although it is my third year of blogging (they just all move on to a new class at the beginning of the year!). Our school year begins on 7 Feb. My class blog can be found at
We have also read/write blogs with Kathy Cassidy's class (link on our page) and The Orchard (link on our page) are Year 5 & 6 bloggers at my school.

Jeff said...

I have a account where I'm collecting elementary blogging classrooms.

I'll add your classes to the list. :)

Monica Edinger said...

I'm a fourth grade teacher in NYC and started a blog a few months ago (educating alice at A few weeks ago I also started each student with a blog and am blogging about that on my blog (how's that for using a word in many ways:).

Monica Edinger

Kathy Cassidy said...

My grade one/two class of Canadian kids would love to blog with your primary classes.

Barbara said...

I really appreciate all of your links and each day I am able to add new content to bloglines for my staff. They are just getting their feet wet and I know they will get insights and inspiration from you. In time they will find the voices that resonate for them and together with some of you build their own learning communities!

Clay Burell said...

"Clay thank you also for the link and I will be in touch!"

Barbara, I can't find your email contact anywhere, so find me at

A quick email can get us started!

Mike Hetherington said...

I have a group of 70 sixth graders who always appreciate comments and who would be glad to respond. We are Room 613 Student Blogs at

Anonymous said...