Thursday, May 01, 2008

RSS Awareness Day

I did not know until i read Clarence Fisher's blog..

How has RSS changed things? It is not a tool just for the classroom but also a tool for administrators. What professional journals pile up on your desk? How many education trends, curriculum ideas and legal issues do you try to track?

I use Google reader to track my subscriptions and I have it on my iGoogle homepage.


mmw said...

It's my opinion that all educators should be using an RSS reader and monitoring blogs. While print magazines and journals still have their place, reading blogs gives one access to the "rock stars" of the education, library and technology worlds and their ideas as they work them out.

Cell Phone Covers said...

I do blogging but i'm not really familiar with RSS reader. Could you explain to me further regarding this thing? I'm interested. Thanks!

Anonymous said...
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