Saturday, August 04, 2007


I am taking off for some time outdoors! Sitting in a place like this has a way of putting life into perspective. When I get back it will be time for school to start and there will be a lot happening but for now it is time to simply enjoy life and look for the balance that will see me through the new school year. While i am camping my only technology link will be my geocache hunting. If you have never heard of geocaching it is definitely worth checking it out. It is a great hobby and a great way to teach students about physical geography!


Cathy Nelson said...

hey Barabara, I've been tagged by the 8 Randome Things, and I selected you to pass it on. Visit the TechnoTuesday Blog to see the instructions.

Cathy Nelson

Clay Burell said...

Tag! See BS Aug 8. BOO! Cathy beat me to it!

David said...

Hey Barbara, awesome shot, I absolutely love Yosemite.