Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Photo A Day Update

We are entering the next phase of our project and learning as we go. We have just set up a wiki complement our Flickr site in order to encourage discussion among the students. There are about five schools who are really active out of our 25 members but it is a good solid group and diverse enough to provide a platform for a global conversation. The wiki will provide the students with more access to each other and more ownership of the project.

It has been (is) an exciting ride and I invite you to visit the wiki from time to time to see what develops. We are each setting up our pages now and borrowing an idea from Clay's 1001 wiki we will be posting clocks to show our local time.

On the local front our 7th and 8 th grade students are producing their first video clips. In conjunction with a large project on family history and culture they are creating 30 second segments on "Who I am and Where I come from".... The students ( even the reluctant ones) are coming in early staying late and giving up breaks to work on this one!

One year ago this was all just a dream....

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