Saturday, August 19, 2006

Help me to Rip ,Remix and Learn

It is time now to synthesize what I have learned thus far. It is not an easy task but it is precisely the task in which we hope to engage our students. I have read 100’s of blogs. I have listened to and looked at many presentations on 21st century literacy, blogs, wikis, RSS, and Web 2.0 but it is time now to consider my audience and craft a message that conveys the big picture and challenges us to think and create our own meaning.

I am indebedt to all of you out there who have graciously posted your handouts, powerpoints, podcasts and links because I truly am in the process of rip, remix and learn.

A couple of things that I think are important at this stage:
As several of you have referenced Alan November’s point that it is about learning not technology. Coupled with that is the concept that for digital natives the technology is transparent ( I believe that comes from Will Richardson among others).

As educators, I believe that our primary goal in the 21st century should be information literacy. This means we are about much more than using technology… we are about teaching critical thinking and evaluation of information and then using that information to accomplish new things or solve problems or create new knowledge.

Please help me out here:
My problem –
I have a bloglines account , a account , a technorati account- but I can’t keep the information or perhaps more accurately the ideas organized. Therefore I am having trouble giving credit where credit is due.

For example: Someone wrote something to the effect..
Readiing and writing are about literacy
Web 2.0 is about reading and writing
Web 2.0 is about literacy

Because Bloglines only keeps me current and I did not clip this quote now I can’t find it.

This is a challenge I truly want to conquer so that I can help the students and staff with the same issue.

It is one thing to read and then comment right away…it is another to read and read and read and think and think and then decide this idea or that are important to your audience.
Please share with me some strategies to help …


Janice Stearns said...

I can't help, but I can sure understand what you are talking about. At least you are writing. I seem to read and read, but never get to the writing. It is exciting, though, to learn from so many deep and passionate thinkers. It's the beginning of a new wonderful journey.

Clarence Fisher said...

I'm sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you. I've been travelling and catching up on some work before the school year begins. I actually do not use many tools to help me handle information. I have found the fewer I use, the more I am likely to use them effectively and constantly. I use my Bloglines account to save and clip things that I want to save to look at later. I also use my account to look at things over time, as a set of disposable bookamrks. I clip and group things, putting them together with tags and watch over time to see if I can spot any trends developing. I use a Mac so sometimes I also clip things out to a sticky note or Word document that I keep handy if I want to look at a single idea. Using these few simple techniques, I find that I keep all of the information in my feeds organized and I am able to watch trends and thoughts develop over time.