Saturday, July 08, 2006

NECC06 Just back

I know I have been silent for a while....but you should hear from me much more regularly now. Not only did I have the opportunity to go to NECC but I along with four memebers of my staff were part of the ISTE institute. This has been quite a week!
Before I hit the highlights just a quick update on our school transformation. In Fall of 2006 we officially open the doors to three new Academies with Grades 6to 8 being a Informataion and Technology Academy. So at the end of this year every classroom was dismantled and reestablished as we changed the physical location of every classroom to facilitate the identity of the Academies! This ws an enormus undertaking not just physically but emotionally because it required a shared vision for the future. The wonderfully dedicated staff took a leap into the unkown and I commend them for their courage!

Returning now to this weeks events.... As a first timer it was a head numbing experience but it also brought focus and energy to the tasks before us. As a staff it gave us a common language and provided a vehicle for my vision to become our vision....for my sense of urgency to beome ours.....
My initial refelctions on NECC06are in a separate entry because of length..

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