Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Daring to Dream Big

We are on the verge of big changes as we explore avenues to pursue excellence in education. As we seek to reconceive our classrooms, our teaching and our approach to curriculum I invite you to share your thoughts and insights.
Sorting out all the component of moving into full technology integration is overwhelming. Planning for presentations to various stakeholders has my head spining. Different materials are important for different audiences. For the parents , teachers , and potential donors we need to compile the data driven information regarding student achievement. But i also need to address parental concerns in face of all the my space news. How much information is enough and how much is too much?
We also need to choose from the myriad of potential blog sites, look at programs like moodle and find the best of professional development opportunities.....Sometimes it seems like too much..But the dream is also very exciting ...


Clarence Fisher said...

Congratulations Barbara on entering the conversation. It takes guts as an educator to be transparent about what is happening in your building and in your classroom. Learn well.

stephen lazar said...

welcome, and good luck!